RJS Custom Services


RJS toms come R.I.M.S. Mounted to provide the best possible shell freedom. The tom brackets are not included as a standard feature. I'm referring to the bracket normally attached to the drum. This allows you to use your existing hardware with your new drums. I can also provide you with whatever type of mount you prefer. (Yamaha, Tama, Gibraltar, etc.) Most of my clients are upgrading their kit. This allows you to sell your old kit while keeping your hardware package if you prefer. One thing to know is that I don't mount anything to the bass drum. This means you will have to find another way to mount rack toms. I personally mount my toms to my boom stands. I can also provide hardware from most manufactures if you would like a completely new setup. I strive to give good prices. I can also provide cases and bags. Not a bad idea to protect your investment.


I can provide all types of percussion instruments from manufactures such as Rhythm Tech, Latin Percussion, Toca, Mid-East Percussion, Remo, Meinl and others. I can even get high quality Indian Tabla drums.


If you aren't ready to invest in a new drum set, sometimes your old drums can be improved by re-cutting the bearing edges to improve the sound. I can do this for a reasonable rate. Keep in mind some old drums are so out of shape it doesn't always work. I'd be glad to discuss it with you.

Personalized Service

I keep a color file for clients. This allows you to purchase a kit in stages. Let's say you would like a 6 piece kit but can't afford it at this time. You could start out with a 4 piece and add to it as you can afford it. This has helped many people.

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